NAUI Leadership Training Receives Approval for VA Reimbursement

NAUI is excited to announce a new benefit for U.S. Military Veterans. Under the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) license or certification test program, NAUI Facilities/Instructors can now offer their U.S. Military Veteran students and dependents reimbursement for testing fees associated with the NAUI Assistant Instructor, Dive Master and Instructor Qualification Program.

This reimbursement goes directly to the veteran, not to the NAUI facility or instructor. It is for the ‘testing’ and evaluation portions of the training, only. NAUI Facilities and Instructors conducting the training and offering the reimbursement must notify NAUI Headquarters in advance to ensure all records and testing administration is properly maintained.

Veterans/dependents must be eligible for benefits in order to receive test reimbursement. They must be informed that their total months of benefits will be reduced each time they receive reimbursement for a licensing or certification test. Veterans may receive reimbursement for these NAUI licenses and certifications if they qualify for:

  • Post 9-11 GI Bill
  • Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB), or
  • Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserves (MGIB-SR) (Public Law 109-163 enacted January 6, 2006)
  • Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP) (Public Law 109-163 enacted January 6, 2006)
  • Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP), or
  • Dependents Educational Assistance (DEA)

In order to obtain reimbursement, you must ensure the veteran/dependent follows these two steps:
Step 1
Apply for education benefits. If the veteran/dependent previously applied for education benefits, he/she does not need to apply again.
Step 2
Apply for reimbursement.

To apply for test reimbursement, the veteran must complete and send to the VA a signed and dated request (VA Form 22-0803) with the following information for each test taken:

  • A copy of each test results for each test taken, whether or not he/she passed it. (This includes all classroom, pool and open water evaluations, as well as the results of each written test – the back of a completed Blue Folder should suffice.)
  • The name of test (NAUI Assistant Instructor, NAUI Dive Master or NAUI Scuba Instructor).
  • The name and address of the organization issuing the license or certificate (not the certifying facility [Dive Shop] but NAUI HQ, 9030 Camden Field Parkway, Riverview FL 33578).
  • The cost of each test…for Assistant Instructor and DiveMaster, this is $495; for the Instructor Qualification Program, this is $975.
  • NOTE: Veterans/dependents cannot be reimbursed for registration fees, preparation guides, textbooks, processing fees, etc. So, for example, if your DiveMaster course is $795, then $495 of that should be applied for the evaluation and testing portion of the course. You would provide a receipt to the Veteran breaking out the materials, training and processing fees ($300 in the example) from the testing and evaluation fees ($495). The Veteran pays you the full $795 and then request reimbursement of the $495 from the VA.
  • This statement: ‘I authorize release of my test information to VA.’
  • His/her signature and date, along with either a copy of his/her test results or certification certificate and card.
The veteran/dependent may receive benefits to retake a test he/she did not pass. If this is the case, they must provide:
  • His/her name, address, and Social Security number or VA claim number
  • The name of the test originally taken and the date they took it

We are continuing to work with the Veterans Administration and expect to announce approval for programs in the near future. NAUI is committed to providing its members with the flexibility to continually meet the needs for their students. We are proud of the military legacy associated with NAUI and grateful to be able to offer this benefit to our members. NAUI – The Definition of Diving: Where Leaders Dive!